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While Sony can’t 100 percent confirm that PS5 will be backwards compatible withe very PS4 game, it seems one title can be added to that list, and that’s Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers.

During a video interview with Hip Hop Gamer at the Eurogamer Expo (EGX), Crystal Dynamics head Scott Amos was asked how the game will be made better by the PS5’s added horsepower and so on, with HHG point-blank asking, “so pretty much, we can expect Marvel’s Avengers to touch the PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox platform?” Amos counters with, “I’m saying we always take advantage of it (new platform).”

Check it out at the five-minute mark:

Not only that, but Crystal Dynamics also confirmed that Marvel’s Avengers game team moves will be possible, though they didn’t really give a specific example.

One thing players can count out of it though, is being able to play as a villain. When asked about the possibility, the devs said, “we’re only focused on the co-op side because we want to tell the Avengers side of the story, the four of us get to play together online, right? We want to be Avengers, and be a team together and take down bad guys.”

If you’d rather play solo, the game’s main campaign will take the average player around 10-12 hours to complete.

Marvel’s Avengers will fly out this May 15, 2020 on the PS4 (and PS5, I guess), Xbox One, and PC.


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