With Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics getting ready to unleash Marvel’s Avengers on May 15, 2020, the marketing machine is already gearing up for a full multimedia assault. In a collaboration with Titan Books, it was announced that Marvel Entertainment, Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and author Greg Keyes will be working together to create tie-in novels for Marvel’s Avengers.

The first of these books will be published on March 31, 2020, titled Marvel’s Avengers: The Extinction Key, coming about two months before the game’s release.

According to IGN, Marvel’s Avengers: The Extinction Key will take place before A-Day, the event that ended the superteam. The short synopsis states that “the novel will follow the Avengers and their allies as they battle an ancient organization called the Zodiac. The Avengers team consisting of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and Hulk join forces with other heroes like Doctor Strange, Doctor Voodoo, and SHIELD agents to stop the Zodiac from obtaining a weapon called the Zodiac Key.”

In addition to the lore, the tie-in novels are adding even more characters to what we already know about Marvel’s Avengers, including the likes of the Zodiac, Doctor Strange, and Brother Voodoo. This could be hinting at future additions to the roster.

The partnership between Titan Books will continue with the artbook, Marvel’s Avengers: The Art of the Game, launching on September 1, 2020, with more possibly in the pipeline.

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