There is little doubt that Media Molecule’s Dreams is an ambitious project, both in its scope as well as its aspirations for user-generated content. In an interview with, co-founder and Art Director Kareem Ettouney talked more about the studios’ hopes for the exclusive title, and what the future could hold for players.

The very limited exporting features at the moment are like exporting a video, but we have in the long-term [plans for] exporting a standalone game outside of Dreams entirely – exporting to other devices and beyond.

But step one is to show our intent — so that from the very beginning we are doing this commercial concept, which means that everything you do in Dreams is yours. You can use it. People in the Dreams community have already been using it to make graphic design, album covers and stuff like that. Using it for their portfolios and showreels.

Media Molecule is currently looking into getting a commercial license so that creators can both publish and profit from their work. With such a dedicated community of creative talent, that would be the best-case scenario for everyone that is into creation and getting their hands on unique content.

 We have plans, features and dreams [of our own], and we hope to make it go to the 11th degree, so that people can celebrate their creations completely.

And to make sure people get to see and experience the brilliance that is constantly on display, Ettouney said that the guiding ambition behind Dreams was to make “the YouTube of games, that never-ending stream of media.”

“Where every time you fire it up you get new material being made for you,” Ettouney added. “Where it understands what you like and shows you what you like, just as you’re used to now.”

The long-term goals of Dreams are lofty ones, but with the steps taken by Media Molecule as well as their future plans, it would seem this is one game that is set to stay the course, perhaps even on the PS5 and beyond.

Our goal for Dreams is to last for 20 years, and keep expanding it and keep adding to it and keep improving it.

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