MediEvil's release date confirmed: October 25 of this year

For the nostalgic gamers, the wait is almost over. As Sony promised, we got an extended look at Sir Daniel Fortesque’s return to PlayStation. After some gameplay footage in the story trailer, the release date for the title appeared on the screen. MediEvil’s release date was confirmed for this year on PS4, releasing on October 25.

This new trailer focused on the classic story that so many original PlayStation owners already are familiar with. One of the areas featured in the trailer was Hilltop Mausoleum in its remastered glory. In addition, Sony stated through a PlayStation Blog post that MediEvil will not only have everything you remember from the original.

MediEvil will arrive this year on PS4, releasing on October 25

Also, the game will have some excellent additions. Mentioned among those, there’s an improved camera system and a new narrator (Lani Minella). PlayStation also said there will be some additional announcements before the game releases. These additions sound like a great incentive to revisit this classic story. And, for newcomers alike, it seems there hasn’t been a better moment to play MediEvil for the first time.

Excited about MediEvil’s release date? Sony also announced a Predator game during State of Play! Check every detail of Predator: Hunting Ground here.


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