Metal Gear Solid fan remake video shows how good the games can look


A new video of the Metal Gear Solid fan remake shows just how good the game can look if built in the Unreal Engine 4. The video comes from Thomas Le Dore. The video of this Metal Gear Solid fan remake looks stunning with completely updated visuals, making the game look like we all thought it did back in 1998. Specifically this video focuses on the hallway scene in which a group of soldiers are murdered by Gray Fox, known at that point in time as only the Ninja. Check out the video below and read on for more details.

Erasmus, CEO and Founder of Black Amber Digital, is also working on remaking Metal Gear Solid 2 in Unreal Engine 4, which also won’t be an easy feat. However, the remakes are important because Konami clearly have no plans to remaster the games for modern consoles, or remake them, as far as we know. Check out the Metal Gear Solid 2 intro remake below.

Both of these fan remake trailers are incredible, and the attention they’ve received shows that there’s definitely demand for actual releases from Konami. Since the company parted ways with the creator, Hideo Kojima, very little has happened with the series, and sadly that isn’t likely to change, unless Kojima can somehow get the rights to the IP.


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