“Mistover” a new game from PUBG developers lands on PS4 in October

The developers of PUBG and TERA, Krafton Game Union, are changing gears in style. Their newest title, Mistover, is a turn-based role-playing game. James Han, producer of Mistover provided additional information about this title coming to PS4 on October 10. Han expressed the departure from their usual gamers like PUBG and stated that Mistover focuses its mechanics on strategy and choice-driven dungeon exploration. The game will feature a variety of classes that you will be able to recruit and mater as you progress within the story. Mistover will launch on the PlayStation Store with a $29.99 price tag on October 10.

The main characters of this title are the Expedition Corps. Han added that one of the focus when creating these Mistover characters was their design for the game. The art direction chosen for them was a mix of Western and gothic aesthetics. In addition, a dash of manga and anime inspiration was thrown into the canvas.

Aside from its aesthethics, Mistover has a turn-based game combat system. Strategy will play a great role in your combat decisions. Corps crew members will be able to perform coordinated attacks depending on their current formation. Each member of your party will fill RPG traditional roles, but also, each will have a distinct personality, original playstyle, and an interesting backstory. Mistover aims to mix great aesthetics, rich gameplay mechanics and a terrific narrative in one game.

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