Monster Hunter World: Iceborne new trailer reveals subspecies and more

Monster Hunter World has been a tremendous success for Capcom. They are going big with the newest expansion in the series, Iceborne. Today, Capcom released yet another trailer for Iceborne. This new trailer shows monster subspecies in more detail and the new gathering hub in the Seliana headquarters. In addition, some gameplay improvements and additions are also going to be introduced with Iceborne.

In classical Monster Hunter fashion, subspecies are being introduced in Monster Hunter World as well. These powerful monsters prove to be a much more difficult challenge than their regular counterparts. The Glavenous Iceborne new trailer just depicts two of the variants that will be included in the expansion. For the seasoned hunters, Anjanath is back! This time, he is back in the form of the electrifying brute wyvern Fulgur Anjanath, which channels lightning instead of its signature dragon fire. The Odogaron is back, with a variation called Ebony Odogaron, wider attacks and dragon elemental.

In addition to the subspecies, we are finally able to see who’s the responsible monster for the roar that ended the last story trailer. Glavenous is as fierce as it can be, wielding its sword-like tail to strike all hunters that dare to come close.

Drastic changes in multiplayer difficulty and Palicoes

For Monster Hunter fans, there is a long-awaited change that will finally be introduced in the series! In addition to Iceborne’s new trailer, there were additional gameplay announcements. The difficulty level in multiplayer matches will adjust if one or more players leave the match or get disconnected. This is a first in the series and, as a fan, I can’t stress how much need there was for this feature. Capcom stated in a press release that difficulty will adapt for a two-player team if others have dropped out or if a duo sets out to tackle a quest with their Palicoes in tow.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne new trailer reveals subspecies and morePalicoes are also getting decent upgrades. They will get new gadgets such as the Shieldspire Stooge, which is a mobile decoy that draws a monster’s attention away from hunters, the Meowcano, a giant jar that shoots out fireballs at enemy monsters, and an enhanced Vigorwasp that can revive hunters immediately back into battle when they faint.

Squads changes are also coming

Some changes are also being made with the introduction of Squad Cards. This new cards will feature information of the team it represents. This Squad Card can be sent to invite others to join the group. Similar to how you can send Guild Cards individually. There’s also now the possibility of having sub-leaders in Squad teams, this will be able to recruit and accept team requests.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne new trailer reveals subspecies and more

These are exciting news for fans of the series! Monster Hunter World: Iceborne seems to be getting beefier with every new trailer Capcom releases. The update is in route to truly deliver an amazing and robust Monster Hunter experience. Not only for new fans, but also for seasoned hunters. Introducing long-awaited features and ferocious subspecies of the franchise most iconic monsters, Iceborne is profiling to be a great addition to the world of Monster Hunter.

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