Horizon Zero Dawn and RE2 will come to Monster Hunter World this month

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is getting ready for more crossovers, this time Resident Evil 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn are in the spotlight. The famous monster hunting franchise has featured many of Capcom’s IPs in the past. As well, PlayStation players are getting exclusive content with a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover this month.

Raccoon City x Monster Hunter World

The staple characters of Resident Evil 2 are making their way to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne with this crossover. Leon, Claire, and Tyrant are joining the monster-hunting business. Starting today, players will be able to collect materials in special event quests to craft Leon ?+ and Claire ?+ layered armor sets. Also, three Raccoon City inspired pendants will be available to craft.

A Resident Evil 2 crossover wouldn’t be complete without zombies! As a reward for completing the event quests, players will be awarded two new gestures. One of these gestures will allow players to mimic zombie movements and the other will even allow players to bite a nearby monster and even deal damage. Tyrant will have its own paid DLC costume that will transform the easy-going handler into the infamous brute.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds x Monster Hunter World

Aloy will soon join Leon and Claire! For PlayStation owners, Capcom will feature Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy once again in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The first round of event quests of this collaboration finally has a release date, November 21. This crossover will bring a Light Bowgun inspired on Aloy’s Stormslinger Prototype and a pendant designed after Aloy’s focus. There will be additional rounds of this event in December. These rounds will include a full armored set designed after the Shield-Weaver armor from Horizon Zero Dawn. In addition, players will be able to upgrade their Stormslinger Light Bowgun.

If you want to check out all the upcoming event quests, you can do it here. The holiday season is going to be loaded with the chilling action of Resident Evil 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn for Monster Hunter World fans.


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