Just when you thought the monsters Monster Hunter World: Iceborne could not get meaner, Capcom is mixing up things even more. The Glavenus species, last seen in Monster Hunter Generations, has now gotten an acidic upgrade.

The new Acidic Glavenus subspecies will be making its debut in the new expansion for Capcom’s beloved franchise.

Of course, the Acidic Glavenus is not the only new subspecies addition in the expansion. Alongside Generations‘ Hellblade Glavenus, players will face off against an electrified Anjanath, and an even more vicious version of the Odogaron.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne adds new acidic subspecies (2)

These new subspecies, according to Capcom, are “extreme, twisted variations that amp up the difficulty and require master-level hunting skills to defeat.”

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne launches this September 6, and will require the base game in order to play.

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