Monster Hunter World Iceborne Safi’jiiva siege monster now live


The latest siege monster for Monster Hunter World Iceborne is live from now until January 6, 2020. The monster is named Safi-jiiva, and provides players with some of the most powerful gear in the game if they can earn the right crafting materials from it. As a siege monster, Safi’jiiva is best tackled by a group of players instead of just one, though some players are reporting that they’ve already taken it down by themselves. Check out the trailer for the monster below, and read on for more details.

All siege monsters in Monster Hunter World offer the best gear in the game at the point they are live. Safi’jiiva is no different, and offers a wide array of armour and weapons that can be crafted using materials obtained by breaking certain parts of the monster, as well as defeating it in general. Players will need to defeat the monster multiple times in order to earn all of the gear available, which is why Safi’jiiva is available for so long.

The fight to defeat this latest siege monster will be tougher than many that have come before. Safi’jiiva will continuously heal itself throughout the battle, meaning that players could see it fully heal through all of the damage they deal if they don’t attack it quickly enough between the huge blows the monster deals. Once the monster is gone there’s no telling when it will return, so players who want the best possible gear to take on the new year need to get into this siege over Christmas.


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