I’ve been a huge fan of the PS Vita ever since it launched back in February 2012. Maybe even borderline obsessed with it. Sadly, I awoke this morning to discover my original OLED PlayStation Vita had suffered a terrible fate. Now I have to ask myself a question, is it worth purchasing another PS Vita in 2018? All my thoughts are in my latest video on the PlayStation Enthusiast YouTube channel.

Why is the PS Vita important to me?

The PlayStation Vita is an under-appreciated piece of hardware, many gamers are quick to write the Vita off, usually with the common reaction of “It has no games”, which simply is not true. The PS Vita not only changed how I feel about video games as a whole, but also set in motion a chain of events that greatly affected my life.

The Indie Ecosystem

The PlayStation Vita has a handful of AAA games, (Uncharted, Killzone) but as you probably know, the system is overflowing with indie titles. Before I owned my Vita, I had never been too heavy on indie games. But thanks to the massive amount of ‘free’ titles I received via PlayStation Plus, that changed quickly. I would soon be in the mists of spectacular games like Guacamelee! and Velocity 2X. I came to a fast realization that these were some of the best experiences in the entire gaming market. Not only had my tastes suddenly changed, but also my appreciation for the brilliant developers behind these unique titles. I never had such a rush like I did while achieving the Sound Shapes platinum trophy, or trying to get a perfect score in every Hotline Miami mission (and failing miserably). There are a handful of indie titles that resonated with me deeply on a personal level (Actual Sunlight, The Unfinished Swan). The robust game lineup of the Vita has to offer is vastly underappreciated.

Indies to Classics

Many indie games look and play very similar to classic titles. Games like Shovel Knight and Rogue Legacy bring back that NES nostalgia many gamers love. And as a fairly young gamer myself (24yrs), I wasn’t introduced to classic games like Duck Tales and Castlevania until years after they released. After falling in love with the indie landscape, my interest in the classic gaming scene had been peaked. Playing catch up had begun! It was time to play/replay classic titles like Mega Man 2, Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest, and the original Metroid, needless to say, it was well worth traveling back in time! What began as an indie game addiction had lead to something much more grand, and everlasting, and I have my PS Vita to thank for that. Thanks to the knowledge I garnered from playing classic video games, I felt more than ever that I wanted my career to somehow involve the video game medium.

Career Path

In 2012, I started writing for some very small gaming websites. Even though my writing was sub-par, I was able to get a few gigs. After a couple years of freelancing and improving my writing skills, I went out on a whim and messaged the Enthusiast Gaming Editor & Chief about a writing job. They let me come aboard and I got my first paid position as a writer. Since then I have moved up in the company and I’m able to work full-time from home. So while Enthusiast Gaming certainly changed my life, I also had the help of my PlayStation Vita who brought my writing, hosting and editing passions to the surface.

Have you purchased a PlayStation Vita lately? Are you satisfied with your purchase? Maybe you have been a PS Vita fan since day one like me? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below, or join the discussion over on our Facebook page!

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Brett Medlock
Brett Medlock is Nintendo Enthusiast's Editor-in-chief. He’s obsessed with action-adventure games, platinum trophies, and K-pop. To hear more about how lame he is, follow him on Twitter @brettnll


    1. buy 2 or 3 before everyone learns about henkaku and pkgj and adrenaline. hack 1 yourself for a nicer psp

    2. Last year I thought my Vita fried but it actually happened to be the battery that had went. I bought a new battery online, super cheap, watched an instructional video on youtube on how to install and it worked like a charm. Not sure what the issue with your Vita is, but could be the same. Good luck.

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