New Darksiders Genesis trailer shows off creature cores and abilities


A brand new Darksiders Genesis trailer, released today, shows off some of the aspects of the upcoming game. The new trailer details the abilities of characters, as well as creature cores and what they’ll be used for. Check out the trailer below, and read on for more details of what to expect from the full game.

While the game may not arrive on PlayStation 4 until the 21st of February 2020, fans can still check out how they can customise each character to their personal play style now. The abilities of War and Strife vary depending on how they’re customised out by a player, but the basic concept is that they can be reworked in order to accommodate the way a player wants to approach combat. If players enjoy getting in close, then they can gear abilities towards close encounter attacks that deal huge area of effect damage. Likewise, if players want to stay at range and deal damage to enemies from there, they can gain abilities that allow them to do that.

Creature cores are a new concept to the Darksiders universe in Darksiders Genesis. These can be picked up from strong enemies and bosses, or purchased from the in-game store. With these cores, players can earn new and interesting abilities that will totally change the way they play, sometimes making them more powerful, and other times providing different types of enhancement. One creature core might add a lava trail to dashes, whilst another grants the chance for a hellhound to spawn with every attack.


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