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Earlier today, the gaming world was abuzz with Sony’s announcement that its next-gen console will be called none other than the PlayStation 5, and that it will be out in “Holiday 2020.” Coinciding with that, WIRED magazine also had a feature regarding the upcoming console, where they talk to Sony CEO Jim Ryan, and the big boss drops a lot of brand-new PS5 news today.

We’ve managed to scrounge up some of the important bits from the feature, which includes confirmation that PS5 will use 100GB game discs (probably double layer Blu-ray discs), AMD Ryzen will be used for the CPU (Central Processing Unit), AMD Navi for the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), the console will come equipped with a 4K Blu-ray player, there will be a new interface that will integrate with games and PSN friends’ activities.

Oh, we also got confirmation that USB Type C will be the charging method for controllers (yes!), and while we still don’t know if the new controller will be called the DualShock 5, we do know that it’ll be heavier than the DualShock 4, but will be lighter than the Xbox One’s gamepad. And in case you’re fed up with the DualShock 4’s abysmal battery life, Sony has confirmed that the PS5’s controller will sport a larger battery.

Given how we now know the console’s official name, and release window, chances are, we’re not far off from seeing a montage of sorts. Of course, I’m more interested to see what the thing actually looks like and how much it’ll be, but we’re far off from that.

Has the PS5 won you over yet? Or are you more interested to see what launch games will be available when it’s released?


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