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New Sony patent points to next generation PS5 VR


A new Sony patent seems to indicate a next generation PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset is coming to PS5. The patent for the PS5 VR shows a headset that has no wires, much like other competitor headsets such as the Oculus Quest. Check out the images below and read on for more details about the patent.


These images show a PSVR headset that has two cameras on the front, and one on the back of the device. A final camera appears on the new PlayStation Move style controller, which seems to have a ring on the end instead of the ball currently found on PlayStation Move controllers. This could well be a new controller type designed specifically for this new PSVR headset, which would make sense if the hardware is being revamped for the next generation, and PS5.

The new cameras are added to the headset in addition to the LEDs already found on PSVR hardware, not instead of. The device also has a built-in microphone, and optional compatibility with an additional camera that will track the user’s movements, such as the current PlayStation 4 Camera, or Kinect.

The filing for this patent was found by LetsGoDigital, which is the same website responsible for digging up the patent for the PS5 devkit recently. While the patent was originally filed in February 2019, it’s only been made public this week, indicating that it almost certainly has something to do with the PS5, and should be taken fairly seriously.

The best piece of information in the entire patent is the fact that it will be operated wirelessly. Currently PSVR requires a wired connection to a processor, which in turn is connected to the PS4 console. A wireless PSVR headset would not only bring the technology into line with the best on the market, it would be the best available on consoles.

One final point about the patent is the inclusion of a transparent mode feature. Transparent mode would use the front-facing cameras to display what is directly in front of the user, allowing them to look around the room and avoid injuring themselves. It’s also thought that this feature could be used with AR overlays to create experiences similar to Pokemon Go.

Sony has already confirmed that PSVR will work with the PS5, but it also seems like the company is considering a wider VR strategy. PSVR is one of the cheapest headsets on the market by itself, and provides a great experience for users considering the price point. Many PSVR users will most likely transition to the next generation of the hardware when it launches, but only time will tell if it will be good enough to compete with the premium devices in the VR market.


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