Nioh 2 new screenshots

Koei Tecmo shared a few Nioh 2 new screenshots where two characters and their guardian spirits are showcased. All the details about them have been released by Japanese magazine Famitsu in a video translated in English through closed captions that you can check below.

The first character is Yoshimoto Imagawa. Imagawa is a great feudal lord extremely skilled with bow and arrows, but also very dangerous with his two swords called Sozamonji and Matsukurago. Imagawa’s guardian spirit has the shape of a giant elephant, and it’s called Rokugezo.

The second character is a returning one from the first Nioh, the daughter of the feudal lord Dosan Saito, Nohime. Nohime’s guardian spirit is the butterfly shaped Usura-hicho.

When obtained by the player, the guardian spirits can be used in battle. The giant elephant Rokugezo attacks with multiple lightning strikes, particularly effective against multiple enemies. The Usura-hicho, instead, summons a multitude of frost butterflies that attack the enemies within range.

Nioh 2‘s developer, Team NINJA, is working on expanding and improving the experience offered by the first Nioh. For instance, among new features and gameplay mechanics, Nioh 2 will offer the possibility to create a character right from the beginning of the game.

Nioh 2 will receive an open beta that will run from November 1 to November 10, and it’s set to launch on PlayStation 4 sometime during 2020.


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