Hello Games has formally announced that the next major update for No Man’s Sky will arrive on August 14. The Beyond expansion will include the ability to experience the whole game in VR, and expand its online multiplayer functionality. Best of all, it will be a free update for No Man’s Sky.

Beyond will add a new social and multiplayer experience through No Man’s Sky Online, where players can meet and journey through the stars together. While it will make it easier for players to meet people and team up, Hello Games does not see it as MMO-like due to the fact there are no subscriptions or microtransactions involved.

The expansion will also add No Man’s Sky Virtual Reality, which transports the huge, procedurally generated galaxy into your VR headset.

A third component of the update is still under wraps, and Hello Games are keeping a tight lid on it.

Beyond will be No Man’s Sky seventh expansion, following the Next expansion in 2018, which dramatically improved the base game. There was also the underwater-themed expansion, Abyss, as well as the Visions expansion, which added more biomes.

This has been nothing but a dramatic turnaround for what used to be a beleaguered title. Hello Games and No Man’s Sky suffered a rocky launch and went radio silent for a long period. Things have indeed changed for the better as the developers worked hard on reviving the game, and continue to make No Man’s Sky one of gaming’s greatest comeback.

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