No Man's Sky features Nexus, a new social space in launch trailer

No Man’s Sky is the perfect example that rocky beginnings don’t instantly translate to complete doom for a game. After a harsh launch, the game has constantly updated through the years, leading to an enjoyable experience for original fans that had faith in the game and newcomers alike. After almost three years after its release, No Man’s Sky is about to release its biggest update to date. In a new launch trailer, No Man’s Sky Beyond showcased the Nexus, a new social space that will be featured in the upcoming update.

According to Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games, who developed No Man’s Sky, the Nexus is intended to bring players together. As redundant as that might sound, this feature has been long waited for by fans of the game. The Nexus will allow you not only to meet with friends but also with random players that will be sharing the space at the moment you’re playing. With this update, No Man’s Sky Beyond aims to bring a range of game-changing features such as expanded online and PSVR support, along with hundreds of minor changes. If you were not happy about the initial release of the game, now is the perfect time to jump aboard, especially if you are a PSVR owner.

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