Crunch has always inherently been part of games’ development, and it has increasingly become a topic of discussion recently. Of course, while some companies try to manage the workload, we have had examples of bad conditions at big studios like Epic Games and Rockstar. The Outer Worlds‘ developer, Obsidian Entertainment, however, is putting their foot down.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Obsidian has stated that they are “very committed” to keeping their studio crunch-free. Senior Designer Brian Hines added that crunch is not part of Obsidian’s DNA.

“Obsidian is not a crunch studio, which is one of the things that keeps people staying there for a long time.”

Although employees sometimes work longer hours to “meet deadlines,” these extra time were “always [just] a request” and last for only “a week or so.”

Hines also reiterated that individual developers will always retain the right to decide, and can reject such requests when needed.

There really hasn’t been a crunch or a death march or anything like that with the studio for quite a long time, as far as I can remember anyway. That’s definitely one of the things that as a studio we’re very committed to. [W]e’d rather cut something than try and get people to not have a life outside of the industry.

That is frankly positive news to hear, as Obsidian Entertainment gears up for The Outer Worlds‘ release come this October 25 for PlayStation 4 and other platforms.

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