Okami is one of the most revered games of the PlayStation 2 generation. Thankfully, the game has had multiple iterations that give the game a timeless HD coat of polish.

Okami combined an action-adventure game with Japanese mythology and folklore

In the past 13 years since its release, there have been various plans to make an Okami sequel. However, nothing has ever been set in stone in terms of a formal announcement until now. By way of Ikumi Nakamura (who recently left Tango Gameworks) she posted a video of her and Hideki Kamiya teasing plans for a new Okami game.

If you’ve been following Ikumi Nakamura on her Twitter, you’ll know that she has been touring studios after leaving her job as director of Ghostwire: Tokyo. From Capcom (who published the original Okami) and Sony Japan Studio, her journey to find a new home in the game industry might already be coming to an end. It would certainly be possible that Nakamura could land with Platinum Games to help make this long-awaited sequel.

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