E3 is underway and tonight was the PlayStation E3 Showcase. We covered the news live as it happened but if you missed any of the big stories here they all are in just one place –

The Last of Us: Part 2

Sony kicked off the event with The Last of Us. The entire first leg of the showcase was dedicated to it. A slow live music performance took us into the trailer. And if I’m not mistaken, the entire “tent” that they built for the event mirrored the first location shown in the trailer. Sony went all out with this one.

The Last of Us 2 Receives New Party Trailer and Gameplay Footage




Remedy is on the PlayStation side and the game they brought with them looks like their last release (Quantum Break) but maybe even crazier. The main character has some cool powers and they are on full display.

Remedy’s Next Game is Called Control, Coming in 2019



Black Ops 4, God of War

In an intermission sequence, Sony announced both new classic maps for Black Ops 4 and a New Game+ mode for God of War. And on top of that, PS Plus subscribers can get Black Ops 3 for free tonight!

Call of Duty BLOPS 4 Classic Maps | BLOPS 3 PS Plus Tonight

New Game Plus Coming to God of War



Trover Saves The Universe

A brand new game from Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty. His signature brand of humor is in full force in the announcement trailer. It’s a PS4 and PS VR exclusive.

Rick & Morty-ish Trover Saves the Universe Coming to PS4



Death Stranding

I know a lot of people were expecting another PlayStation E3 to pass with no gameplay from Hideo Kojima’s next masterpiece yet here we are. There’s the usual weirdness as the previous trailers but this time there is indeed some gameplay showcased. Check it out, I personally can not wait. It’s been too long since Metal Gear Solid 5.

Death Stranding shows gameplay at Sony E3 Press Conference



Ghost of Tsushima

Yet another Sony release gets its long overdue gameplay reveal. The setting is stunning and the action is frantic and violent. It looks like everything I’ve ever wanted when picturing a samurai based game. The voice acting is a little weird to me but I’ll let you make your own judgment on that.

Ghost of Tsushima Gets a Gameplay Reveal at E3



Kingdom Hearts 3

The Kingdom Hearts news just keeps on coming, it seems every day of E3 there’s more on Sora and the gang. This time they team up with Jack Sparrow. And a bundle of Kingdom Hearts 3 and the HD collections was announced, exclusive to PS4.

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer, All HD Collections in One




This is a weird one. It’s a VR game… by From Software? Not much was shown, but there is a trailer with some moody settings and music. Just the fact that this exists is noteworthy. To get a developer like From Software onboard PS VR shows that it’s not something that is going away any time soon.

Surprise! Here’s Déraciné, a From Software PSVR Game



Resident Evil 2

This was a big one. As soon as it became clear what it was the audience let out the biggest cheer of the night. You’re gonna want to check out the trailer, there are so many familiar faces and places, all gloriously updated.

Resident Evil 2 Releases January 25, 2019



Nioh 2

Another strong third-party showing, Nioh 2 was officially announced. In the trailer, we are given a glimpse at who might be a new lead character.

Nioh 2 Teased




And I selfishly saved my favorite for last. The new Spider-Man game from Sony and Insomniac was everything I was hoping to see from the title. Fast action, web-slinging everywhere, and so many villains. Seriously, they just kept coming!

New Spider-Man Trailer Is a Comic Fan’s Dream

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