If you are in the PlayStation ecosystem, then PlayStation Plus is simply a must-have for all the value it gives plus online multiplayer. Plus, with the next PlayStation in the pipeline, who knows what benefits it will bring in the future.

As with every month, gamers can look forward to free games that come with the subscription.

This May, PS Plus users will be getting Overcooked and What Remains of Edith Finch, two distinctly different titles.

Ghost Town Games’ Overcooked has been an instant classic, mixing frantic gameplay with adorable visuals, and is one of the best co-op/multiplayer titles for the system. A sequel, Overcooked 2, has also been released.

Giant Sparrow’s What Remains of Edith Finch is a narrative-heavy game in which players explore the family home of Edith Finch and relive the lives of the people who died there.

April’s PlayStation Plus games — Conan Exiles and The Surge — will still be available to download through Tuesday, May 7.

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