As many fans of Penny Arcade prepare to head down to PAX West in Seattle at the end of August, fans of the popular PlayStation podcast, Sacred Symbols, have been left fuming instead.

Headed up by Colin Moriarty and Chris Ray Gun, the Sacred Symbols podcast was supposed to have a panel at the Hydra Theatre on September 2, and was billed as a Q&A session about their podcast and PlayStation in general. Both hosts, as well as attendees, had made travel arrangements, only to find out that PAX West had cancelled the panel with no explanation.

Moriarty has reached out to the organisers repeatedly, requesting for an explanation for the abrupt cancellation, and also to check if affected attendees would be refunded for their troubles.

Unfortunately for the fans of the podcast that were excited to attend the PAX West panel for Sacred Symbols, there was to be no good news.

PAX West will not be refunding any affected attendees, nor was there any explanation given to the pair who are now left in an unenviable situation.

Moriarty has been in the games industry for a long time, starting out at IGN before transitioning to creating Kinda Funny. He later moved on to launch his own Patreon under the Colin’s Last Stand brand. Chris Ray Gun, on the other hand, is more well-known for his YouTube channel that focuses on a variety of topics including politics.

While speculation continues unabated about the true reasoning behind the cancellation of the panel, the lack of a proper explanation does indeed paint PAX West and its organisers in a negative light.

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