Today, I danced on stage with Teddie to earn a free shirt. Well, technically it wasn’t free, I did loose bit of my dignity. While I was at the Atlus booth I also got my hands on their new rhythm game, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, and I quite enjoyed myself.

Time to Bust a Move

Persona 4: Dancing All Night was very simple starting off, and the controls were not what I expected. I only used the ‘up, left, and down’ buttons on the left and the ‘triangle, circle, and X’ buttons on the right (that may change further into the game but it did not change in this demo). Symbols will shoot from the middle of the screen and hover over your HUD of six circles. Your goal is to perfectly time your button clicks whenever they float directly over the HUD circles. Like I said, things start off simple, but that quickly changes. I was amazed with just how complicated the game could get with such a simplistic premise, and it was exhilarating! Slide moves and double hits really jacked up the difficulty. Typically, I’m not very good at rhythm games, but this one seriously kicked my ass. But I didn’t want to quit playing!


Charm Factor

The music is outstanding; songs range from Persona 3 to Persona Q (in the demo), many of which will lift your spirits and smother you with mass amounts of Persona nostalgia. All your favorite characters are back, each with special outfits you (presumably) unlock throughout the story. That’s right, Dancing All Night features a story mode! Sadly, the Atlus developer at the booth wouldn’t shed much light on it. But from the recent E3 trailer, it looks interesting to say the least. He did mention that you’ll use your Personas during the epic dance-battles. I also asked him if the voice-over cast with the same as previous titles, and he wasn’t able to speak on that matter either. I played as Rise in the demo, and I’m almost certain it wasn’t Laura Bailey voicing her. However, all the other characters I heard sounded like their previous voices. At the show, Atlus had P4D running on Vita, and up on a TV. Leading me to believe it’s also coming to PSTV, or maybe even PS4?


Between P4D’s awesome music, charming world, intense gameplay, and lovable characters, this game is shaping up to be something special. What are your thoughts on Persona 4: Dancing All Night? Are you thinking about picking it up? Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below!


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