Persona 5 Royal TV commercial

The new Persona 5 Royal TV commercial has been launched in preparation for the game’s upcoming Japanese release, and it shows some interesting details on gameplay and story.

In the new footage, it’s possible to spot the wrestling and beach scenes, which are part of the new content included in Persona 5 Royal. Also,  the Palaces and the boss fights have been enriched with new elements, and in the commercial, we can see a robot version of Haru as part of the Okumura Palace boss fight.

A couple of seconds are dedicated to the already announced new character that will be introduced in Persona 5 Royal, Kasumi Yoshizawa, that here can be seen fighting side by side with Joker.

Persona 5 Royal also introduces new mechanics in Mementos. Every time the players step foot on a Mementos floor, there is a chance that it will be surrounded by darkness, and as a consequence, powerful monsters will appear. The transformed floors are more difficult than the others, but they reward the players able to overcome the challenge with rarest items.

Also, by exploring Mementos, it’s possible to encounter Jose, the second new character that will be introduced in Royal.

Persona 5 Royal launches on October 31, 2019, in Japan, as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, while a western release is confirmed for Spring 2020.


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