PlayingStation is a weekly article where we give a rapid-fire list of that week’s releases on the PS4 and PS3. The idea here is to give you an understanding of a game that you might not have otherwise heard of. We’re always looking to hear from our readers, so sound off in the comments if you have any particular interest in any of the games that we discuss each week!

Destiny (PS4/PS3)

Unless you’ve been on a media fast or have lived without the Internets for the majority of this year, you know exactly what this game is about. We here at Playstation Enthusiast have written our fair share of articles on the topic, to be sure. For those in the aforementioned circumstances, though, here’s a quick synopsis. Destiny is an online cooperative first-person shooter created by Bungie, who everyone and their mother knows are the brains behind the so-ridiculously-successful-and-ubiquitous-that-they-had-Mountain-Dew-branded-for-it Halo series of video games. So to say that this game has a very good pedigree would be an understatement of the grandest degree. Destiny offers an almost endless supply of upgrades and unlockables for the three classes that you can play, as you run around the different worlds that are on offer. We’re talking Earth, Earth’s moon, Venus, Mars, and so on — no Pluto, though (you’ll always be a planet to me!*).

Bungie have also said that they have a staggering ten-year content release plan for this game. Talk about a commitment to supporting your franchises! Further, if you find yourself with only a PS3 right now with a future PS4 purchase planned (like maybe you’re pretty certain you’ll get one for Christmas), worry not. If you download the digital version of Destiny not too long after it releases, you can upgrade to the PS4 version at no cost! Not only that, but you don’t lose your PS3 version. Your character(s) will also transfer between versions, so any progress you make on the PS3 will be reflected on the PS4 and vice versa. That’s a great perk to be enjoyed by the masses. So really, there’s no excuse to not pick this title up — what are you waiting for? Go go go!

*Fun science fact – From the time Pluto was discovered to the time that it was no longer classified as a planet, Pluto had not completed even one revolution around the sun. Amazing.

NHL 15 (PS4/PS3)

Okay, I’ll admit that I find it pretty funny that this game is developed by EA Canada — because hockey. In any event, NHL 15 is out now for hockey fans from all countries and is chock full of some upgrades that EA hopes you’ll find to be a huge upgrade from last year’s iteration. Being a Boston native, it brings me a little bit of joy to see a Boston Bruin on the cover in the form of Patrice Bergeron. Good on ya!

The physics of both the players and the puck has been upgraded for this go-around and there are even more tightly-refined controls to help you put the puck or your player’s body exactly where you want it. Interestingly enough, there are also over 9,000 (insert Dragonball Z reference here) unique crowd models, which people tell me is a record for any sport game. Finally, a deal struck between EA and NBC Sports makes for some of the most authentic commentating you’ve ever heard. All in all, it looks like there are some great upgrades in this year’s hockey installment from EA, so if this is your cup of tea, have at it!


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