PlayStation live-action thriller, Erica, releases live at Gamescom 2019

During an eventful Gamescom Opening Night Live, not only did we get to see more of Death Stranding, but PlayStation also released a brand new title called Erica.

A live-action interactive thriller for the PS4, a trailer was shown focusing on the story of Erica, who ventures on a journey of discovering her self while investigating the death of her father and the mystery behind it. Players can either use the DualShock 4 controller, or the new Erica app (available on iOS and Android) to solve puzzles and make choices to decide the story.

At the end of the trailer, it simply revealed that the game was out now for the PS4.

First announced back in 2017, Erica has definitely seen some changes since then. A new lead actress is fronting the title, Holly Earl, who is known for her work in Skins and Law and Order UK. New mechanics and scenes have also been added. Erica is taking the same approach much like Quantic Dreams’ adventure titles, Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain, but all in live-action of course.

PlayStation live-action thriller, Erica, releases live at Gamescom 2019

Developed by Flavourworks, it would seem that decisions made by the players will have a huge impact on how the game plays out. Events will be affected and your choices matter, and you can experience it yourself for just $10 on the PSN right now!

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