Let’s check out which service is a better deal this month!

August Comparison

PS Plus GamesRetail PriceGames with GoldRetail Price
Just Cause 3$59.99Slime Rancher$19.99
Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry$14.99Bayonetta$19.99
Super Motherload$14.99Trials Fusion$19.99
Snakeball$9.99Red Faction: Armageddon$29.99
Level 22$6.99
Total Retail Value$111.94Total Retail Value$89.96
  • In addition to the PS Plus free games, PS Plus members can also get That’s You in celebration of PlayLink’s launch from July 4th through October 24th.

Chart source: IGN

As you can see, PlayStation Plus offers the better value this month with a $21.98 difference.

If you’re like me, you own both platforms, therefore you’re paying around $100.00 a year for both services. The value in this month alone surpasses your costs in being a member. It’s incredible, to say the least.


Last Month: July Comparison

PS Plus GamesRetail PriceGames with GoldRetail Price
Until Dawn – Review$19.99Grow Up – Review$9.99
Game of Thrones$19.99Runbow$14.99
Tokyo Jungle – Review$14.99Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Review$14.99
Darkstalkers Resurrection – Review$14.99LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game – Review$19.99
Don’t Die, Mr. Robot$3.99
Total Retail Value$83.94Total Retail Value$59.96
Brett Medlock
Brett Medlock is Nintendo Enthusiast's Editor-in-chief. He’s obsessed with action-adventure games, platinum trophies, and K-pop. To hear more about how lame he is, follow him on Twitter @brettnll


    1. Wow! A versus between Xbox and PS on a PS only site! No bias bs here!

      1. Given that all our writers write for Xbox Enthusiast as well as Nintendo Enthusiast, no, there actually is no bias here.

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