Predator: Hunting Grounds has a new gameplay reveal trailer

Since Predator: Hunting Grounds was announced in a State of Play stream we have been wondering how the gameplay was going to be like. That wait ended today at Gamescom. Predator: Hunting Grounds has a new gameplay reveal trailer. To begin with, the gameplay trailer shows how your squad is deployed in a jungle area. They are dropped there to complete a mission related to a satellite uplink. Not long after that, you’re quickly reminded that Predator is not the only danger around.

The whole area where the mission is taking place is safe kept by AI-controlled enemies. Thus, these enemies are heavily armed and will shoot on sight. After some time in the match and some rounds exchanges between the squad and the enemies in the area, Predator jumps into action. Then, it’s up to the team to cooperate and get rid of Predator. Therefore, they need to act fast, before he eliminates all of them, one by one. Predator featured his signature camouflage in this Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay reveal trailer. It is nice to see that all the details that made the franchise famous, like the stealthiness and weaponry of Predator, are being all carefully adapted into the gameplay mechanics. Predator: Hunting Grounds has a new gameplay reveal trailerSpeaking of gameplay trailers, Death Stranding showed its gameplay trailer and left everyone even more confused as if that is possible now. Check out the new trailer here.


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