With a whole host of changes and improvements set to be made during the Shadowkeep expansion for Bungie’s Destiny 2, this is the perfect time for you to clean up and prepare yourself for what will definitely be a substantial drop of content.

Systems are being tweaked for both weapons and armor, and the Eververse Store changes will mean premium currency has a whole new meaning. That usually means plenty of dependable gear you are used to will soon be obsolete, and perhaps there are certain items to keep a hold of as their importance will grow. With a vault full of items, here are some tips to better prepare for Shadowkeep come this October 1.

Eververse Items and Bright Dust

The new change to the Eververse Store will make Bright Dust much more valuable, and you should really think about deleting a large majority of your Eververse gear. That is because, after October 1/September 30 pre-launch maintenance, they will no longer give you Bright Dust when sharded. No longer will Guardians feel the need to buy items with Silver (Destiny 2‘s premium currency) only to destroy them for Bright Dust.

Shadowkeep will reward players with Bright Dust just for playing, and no longer require it to get Eververse items from Collections. In addition, you can always reclaim any of the items deleted from your Collections as well.

Having a stockpile of Bright Dust will guarantee you start off Shadowkeep in the fashion you want, right off the bat.

Saving the Best Armor

With the new Armor 2.0 system coming into effect, it will mean your old gear is going to be left in the dust as none of them will be converted to the new system. Guardians will have to earn new pieces of armor to enjoy the system, with much more customization available to flesh out your ideal build in Shadowkeep.

However, the best 2.0 armor will require some hard work to obtain, not to mention the need to Masterwork it to get the full benefits. It is therefore advisable to keep your best Forsaken-era armor, especially those with good rolls and Enhanced perks you fancy. You will be using them in Shadowkeep for a while before you can realise the full potential of the new system.

This goes for the old armor mods as well, as the new system will only drop mods for Armor 2.0 after the expansion. It is all made easier as well as your gear will all be automatically upgraded to 750 power when the expansion launches.

Keeping Your Big Guns

At least the weapons system will largely remain the same in Shadowkeep, with only weapon mods changing a little. No longer used as consumables, it will hopefully allow players to experiment more liberally without the worry of wasting precious mods. With the expansion, you will only need one weapon mod of each type to have it unlock for all guns, so you can delete the duplicates with no worries. Do note that mods equipped on guns do not count, just those in your inventory.

That said, your most powerful weapons will still be useful in facing the foes awaiting in Shadowkeep, at least, until we figure out what the better weapons are in the expansion. Remember your favorite arsenal of weapons, and they will continue to serve you well until the next big drop.

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