If you really want to play Extreme Exorcism but don’t have $6 to spare, I have some good news for you. It appears that there was a mistake in Sony’s recent monthly PS+ free games announcement. This month, instead of strategy game Deception IV,  PS+ owners get Extreme Exorcism.

Here is what Extreme Exorcism’s Metacritic summary says on the game: “Extreme Exorcism is an action platformer with a spooky twist. You assume the role of Mae Barrons, tiny medium at large who is tasked with ridding a haunted house full of evil spirits. Instead of using seances and crystal balls, Mae uses rocket launchers, swords and a kick-ass arsenal to get her point across. Unfortunately for her, with every ghost she kills, another takes its place copying everything she did the round before.”

If that sounds more interesting to you than Deception IV, then you are in luck, because this game is now free on PS+. If you do not have PS+, then remember that the game is only $6 at normal price. Alternatively, it is also currently 70% off on Steam, bringing that price down to $1.79.

If you were excited to play Deception IV, well, sorry. Hopefully Sony mistakenly added it because it truly is slated to appear in the monthly rotation soon.

So, Extreme Exorcism ends up the benefactor in what is ultimately a minor shakeup to a pretty solid month that also features Heavy Rain, Absolver, and Black Ops 3.

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