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Over the weekend, we reported a rumor that PS4 Facebook support would be ending really soon. Well, as it turns out, it is official, and “soon” now means October 7, 2019 — yes, today!

Sony has now posted an article on the official PlayStation support site that explains what this means to players as a whole.

PlayStation®4’s share features will remain the same, except Facebook will no longer be offered as a destination to share screenshots, videos, music, trophy details, or links to gameplay broadcasts.

  • Users will no longer have the ability to link their Facebook account to their PlayStation™Network account. This means Friends List features, such as adding friends from Facebook will be removed.
  • Profile pictures imported from Facebook will no longer be used.  We recommend selecting a new picture for PlayStation® friends to identify you.  There are multiple options for changing your profile picture on PS4™ to an Avatar or image of your choosing.
    • On PS4™, go to [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Account Information] > [Profile] > [Profile Picture]
    • Alternatively on PS4™, you can select your Profile from the Function area and select   >  [Edit Profile] >  [Profile Picture]
    • You can also upload an image in the PlayStation® App from your mobile device

No explanation has been shared why Sony has ceased PS4 Facebook support, which is kind of a weird thing given Facebook is the largest social media site in the world.

The only possible upside to this is, you won’t be spammed (or your Facebook friends) with constant PS4 sharing of Trophies, screenshots and whatnot.

Will this affect you or not at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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