Every gaming generation is defined by something in particular, PS5 and its gaming experience won’t be an exception. This particularity is generally a feature that was introduced in a previous generation. After a technological leap, this feature is able to reach its peak potential. This was true with the last generation, which really improved in its online architecture. PS4 made online gaming much better. Besides the obvious benefits of online gaming, the leap in server technology allowed game sharing, live streaming, and seamless always online worlds.

In short, PS4 generation defined and shaped a deep online implementation and a variety of services such as PS Vue and PS Now. PS5 is going to release in an era in which streaming and sharing are basic features and almost a given for every gaming console. As well, 4K is starting to be the norm when it comes to gaming, with PS4 Pro and high-end graphics cards in the market. In the long run, PS5 will be defined by its approach to gaming, not by raw power.

4K is not enough

PS5 is surely going to be powerful. AMD has talked about its architecture and there are a plethora of rumors going around, placing the new console at a 10 to 12 teraflop mark. This would be a first for Sony and something incredible in the console realm. This computing power equates to native 4K at a solid framerate. Even though this is something good for all PlayStation gamers, this doesn’t necessarily translate to great games. 4K has been around for a while for PC gamers, and those same games are available for PS4 and PS4 Pro, just probably at less FPS, fewer details and lower resolutions.

This mid-generation leap with PS4 Pro and the fact that 4K has been slowly being adopted by PC gamers proves that 4K alone won’t cut it to define PS5 and differentiate it from its competition. PS5 needs more than just the power and needs to look further than delivering crips games at decent framerates. It needs inventiveness and creativity in its software just as PS4 introduced in the last generation.

Inventiveness and the Decima Engine

When Horizon Zero Dawn released it was a showcase of what can be done, even with the limitations of the available technology. The Decima Engine implementation is the perfect example of why PS5 will be defined by its approach to gaming, and not by raw power. The making of Horizon Zero Dawn pushed Sony’s creativeness and approach to gaming further away, breaking technological limitations that made a game like Horizon almost impossible for consoles at that time. Surely at launch, PS5 will be impressive and it will have little to no problem to push any game that developers are designing right now. This won’t last forever though, and the inventiveness that was introduced with PS4 will be needed to make PS5 shine amongst an already crowded market.

PS5 will need to grow from its technical prowess and move towards ingenious ways to utilize that raw power to provide unique angles to gaming. Breaking limitations and pushing forward even when there’s enough room, proved as a great way to break the mold and deliver unique products such as Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.

The God of War treatment to gaming

Raising Kratos demonstrates a lot of what I am referring to in regards gaming approach. God of War pushed even PS4 Pro to its technical limits, with a unique approach in mind. The goal of Santa Monica was to deliver a never before seen experience in the God of War franchise. Its approach to gaming was a key component to move forward from the Kratos we all knew. This challenging development process proved to be what PS4 needed. It started with PS4, and it shall continue with PS5. It shall go on in a bigger magnitude and with a broader approach to what gamers want from their favorite franchises and from future new IPs.

PS5 approach to gaming and to everything we as gamers love from the PlayStation brand, could very well be its winning edge for the next generation. There are a lot fewer limitations to what Sony studios can do with hardware. This advantage will surely open doors to experiment with old franchises in ways we haven’t seen in the past. As well, we can witness how new IPs are born from this gamer-centric approach. The ‘This is for the players’ slogan need to be truer than ever with PS5. Graphical power is stunning but fades away rapidly. On the other hand, memorable gaming experiences born from a unique approach to gaming remain with us. They are engrained as personal favorites that will outlive a console generation.

Speaking about inventiveness, if you’re interested in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fresh take, we have some news. Activision and Infinity Ward just released some 4K footage of their multiplayer experience. All of it was captured on PS4 Pro, check it out here.


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