PS5 backwards compatibility still up in the air

As we learn more details about the upcoming next-generation PS5 from Sony, one aspect has been part of the discussions since day one. Backwards compatibility has not exactly been Sony’s priority for this generation, but that is all set to change when the PS5 releases in Holiday 2020.

The Lead Architect behind both the PS4 and PS5, Mark Cerny, has stated that the PS5 utilises a system architecture that is similar to its predecessor, which makes backwards compatibility a relatively straightforward inclusion. The new console will use physical media as well, and Cerny expects certain titles to release across both generations.

PS5 backwards compatibility still up in the air - Mark Cerny

The difference is that PS4 titles will definitely run faster on the PS5, as it has a solid-state drive (SSD). This was proven by Sony’s test with Marvel’s Spider-Man, which means that if you upgrade, you will get an enhanced experience.

However, in an article by Famitsu, not every PS4 game will be able to make the transition. Sony stated that the “development team is currently hard at work in order to make 100% backward compatibility with PS4 possible. Please wait for further information.”

With more than a year to go before the launch of the PS5, there is still plenty of time for the developers to iron out the kinks. Hopefully, by then your entire current-generation library will be playable on new and better hardware.

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