With the news that PlayStation Now will indeed still be a marquee feature on the PS5, fans will be wondering how different the experience will be on Sony’s next-generation console. According to findings by a Dutch website, Techtastic, the PS5 controller will be a huge improvement over the existing DualShock 4 for PS Now.

Sony has filed a patent for a technology that will allow the controller to connect directly and interact with a server, potentially cutting down input lag and latency. The description is as follows.

A controller device for user interactivity with a server of a cloud gaming system is provided, including the following: at least one input device that generates inputs for the server; wherein the controller device communicates directly to an access device for connection to a network that connects the controller device to the server without connecting to a client device; wherein the server receives and processes the inputs to render gameplay video that is transmitted over the network for rendering to a display device that is local to the controller device.

The current setup sends inputs on your DualShock 4 to the PS4, which then gets transferred to your router and onto the servers, resulting in the software showing your command. The new patent will skip a step and send your input straight to the cloud instead of through the PS4. It is similar to how Google’s Stadia is doing it.

However, a patent filing may not see the technology being implemented into the PS5 controller, but with streaming seemingly becoming a key part of the gaming ecosystem, PlayStation will be wise to make every bit of improvement they can to draw in a new audience.

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