It’s inevitable at this point to stop the landslide of PS5 assumptions. Mark Cerny revealed some details about the specs and capability of the console. The console is slated for a 2020 release. According to Cerny, the console will support 8K resolutions and will have an SSD as storage. In addition, the console will be backward compatible with PS4 games. All this sounds really positive and paints an excellent picture for the upcoming PS5. Although, no price has been mentioned yet. What would be the ideal price for PS5 to succeed?

History matters

PS3 had a rocky launch. This is a secret to no one. From the presentation to the lack of a developer-friendly architecture, the beginning of the PS3 race was not smooth at all. In the same way, the pricing didn’t help at all. At a price tag of $499 for the basic model, it was a luxurious and expensive device. All this didn’t pan out at all for Sony. Due to that weak launch scene and high price, the PS3 had a rough time catching up with Xbox 360 during that console generation.

PS4 was another story. Sony learned from their past, and it showed. PS4 had an outstanding launch season. The price was just on that sweet spot between value and affordability. This equated to a considerable advantage over Xbox One during this generation.

These lessons matter. PS4 started great and sustained its momentum. If PS5 wants to achieve the same results, they need to find that balance that PS4 did in its time. The value proposition is excellent so far, even without details, the description of PS5 sounds exciting on paper. Now, that value proposition should be backed up by an attractive price to keep the whole package competitive. Especially now that Microsoft is getting more competitive by the day.

What would be an ideal price for PS5?

Well, it is hard to say, and there will always be disagreements between gamers and the press. Some believe that a $499 price tag is attractive and others think it is too pricey. This even applies to analysts siding for one price or the other.

From my personal perspective as a gamer, anything above $499 will subtract from the technical appeal of the console. I can’t imagine that with those specs Sony will make a profit starting the console’s life-cycle. But, that was the case with PS4. The initial start of the race was Sony’s investment for a console that performed well throughout the whole run for this generation.

Going for a $399 price tag, with the specs described at the moment is something unlikely. Even though the launch window is slated for 2020, a price point under $400 is improbable. The balance for value and affordability for this generation will possibly sit between $450 – $499.

The excitement for the next generation of consoles is already here! Hopefully, PS5 will reflect even more lessons learned from PS4, leading to an affordable and spectacular platform for all of us to enjoy.

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