PS5 console

PS5 is just around the corner and in a world driven by raw computing power, I believe PS5 can triumph even if it isn’t the most powerful console. Yes, I know this doesn’t sound like a completely crazy idea. Especially considering a console like the Nintendo Switch is selling like hotcakes. This being true even when it is clearly not as powerful as the competition. Still, the Nintendo Switch is a portable console, while the next PlayStation is extremely unlikely to go for this route. Here are the main reasons why Sony’s PS5 might thrive even if it isn’t the biggest powerhouse in the market.

PS4 Pro was a good lesson

PS5 console

Sony has demonstrated in the past that raw power doesn’t necessarily translate to sales figures. Thus, even when PS4 Pro was considerably less powerful than the Xbox One X, it still managed to stay on top of the competition. Namely, this proves that even with a graphical power disadvantage Sony is capable of producing enough content to keep its audience engaged. Furthermore, even with less presence in major events like E3, PlayStation has managed to remain a top-selling platform. As well, its roster of exclusives like Death Stranding, Days Gone, and Concrete Genie keep steady sales performance and favorable public reception. Even if PS5 is not the most powerful console, Sony has demonstrated it can make it an attractive platform.

Quality exclusive games go a long way

PS5 console

PlayStation has become a synonym of great exclusives. Videogames like Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War give the Japanese giant every reason to wear that badge confidently. During recent years, Sony has demonstrated its focus is creating great experiences for its fanbase. And in this endeavor, it has succeeded. If PS5 is not up to Xbox Series X’s graphic power, it has studios with experience in creating stellar experiences to back it up. If this trend continues, many of us will have enough reasons to jump into the PS5 train. The good track record PS4 forged is a huge advantage for the upcoming console. It is a quality standard we now see as a staple for the brand.

We are creatures of habit

There’s a saying where I live that goes: “Habit is stronger than love”. This makes sense when it comes to the electronics we buy. Certainly, if you are an iPhone user, it is likely that your next phone upgrade is going to Apple and not Android. Granted that, the same principle applies to our gaming habits. If you have a big library on your PS4, it is unlikely you will leave that behind and choose another console. This is especially true for an upcoming console generation that is focusing on backward compatibility.

PS5 console

PS5 will not only have its own library, but it will allow players to take down a trip to memory lane and play their PS4 library as well. Although backward compatibility hasn’t yet been fully explained, if executed well it will be a big factor to consider when buying a next-gen console. PS4’s install base is a considerable one. With that into account, if Sony makes it easy for gamers to access PS4 games on their brand new PS5 console, this will be a great advantage for it.

For the Players, right?

Sony has done an amazing job in its marketing for the PlayStation brand. The name PlayStation is now not only a gaming statement, but it is also a lifestyle synonym. In truth, this brand management has resonated particularly well with gamers. The emotional ads in the ‘For The Player’ campaign are an indication of how much the Japanese company understands its market. PS5 might or might not be the most powerful console, yet, if it follows PS4’s steps it might be the console that most resonates with the gaming community. PS4 was designed to be just that, an amazing well-balanced console. It aimed to be about the games, experiences, and the joy of being a gamer. If the cards are played correctly, PS5 might be just that but on a much larger scale.

Only time will tell if PlayStation 5 ends up being underpowered or not. Nonetheless, we have learned that in the console realm, bigger sometimes is not better.

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