5 years after launch, P.T. has yet another creepy secret uncovered

P.T. is a first-person psychological horror demo that was created by Kojima Productions in 2014. Konami published the playable teaser demo or P.T. There was a lot of excitement with the project, as it was known this would be a collaboration with Guillermo del Toro and a probable reboot for the Silent Hill saga.

Even though the playable teaser wasn’t that long, it was highly regarded as one of the best horror experiences this generation has seen. Due to that, it reached the status of urban legend. To this date, many continue to data-mine and modify the game and see what secrets lay beyond P.T. and what was in store for all of us. One of the creepiest discoveries in P.T. so far was found by Twitter user Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon).

Lisa is always there, watching on P.T.!

McDonald explained that as he patched the game, he verified something eerie about Lisa. She was not only a figure of your imagination as you hear her coming for you. In the game, you could continuously hear that Lisa, (the entity that scares you to death in the game) is following you. Although every time you turn around, there’s nothing there. Furthermore, McDonald was able to manipulate P.T.’s code and allow players to see behind them without really turning around. Surprise, there was Lisa.

He explains that this is not a random phenomenon. It starts happening right after the player gets the flashlight in the game. Lisa attaches to the players back on from that moment. She’s always creeping, watching every single one of your moves. If that’s not a fantastic horror experience, I don’t know what is! Thus, for this and more, we sorely mourn P.T. as the great game it could have been, but will never be.

If you are a bit nostalgic and want some good scares, you can re-download the P.T. demo! Here’s an article we created to celebrate P.T.’s 5th anniversary with the instructions.



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