The console versions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has not always been the most updated compared to its PC counterpart, but it now has a quality of life feature that the PC does not. Thanks to the latest update, PUBG on PS4 will boast a new auto equip attachments feature, similar to what Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends already does.

“[We’re adding] the auto-equip attachment feature to make looting more efficient,” PUBG Corp. console live service manager Kate Lee stated. “By reducing the time it takes to equip an attachment, we’re hoping that players can find more time to focus on the strategic part of PUBG, but still enjoy the realistic feel that PUBG is known for.”

Players can choose from three different options: Auto Equip Attachments, Auto Equip Scope, and Auto Replace Attachments. All three can be toggled on and off.

When toggled on, Auto Equip Attachments will add any new attachments picked up onto your current weapon, if it fits, automatically. PUBG will do so in accordance with your first primary weapon, second primary weapon, and then the sidearm. Any attachments that do not fit will go into your inventory.

Auto Equip Scope will function exactly the same way, but only for scopes picked up, while Auto Replace Attachments will transfer all attachments that fit to weapons you pick up, from the ones you drop, saving you plenty of hassle when getting a new weapon.

That is not all, the new update also adds other improvements and features to the battle royale, and the full patch notes can be found on the PUBG website.

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