RAD from Double Fine Productions is out now on PS4

Double Fine is famous for its quirky style and great games. RAD is their newest game, and, it is available now on PS4. The game is a Roguelike, inspired in the very best way in the 80s. The title is published by Bandai Namco, and its setting is a post-apocalyptic world. Well, it is almost a post, post-apocalyptic world since they have experienced, not one, but two apocalypses. RAD has a very unique 80s neon style that truly adds to the experience. All this 80s galore is accompanied by a deep-voiced narrator that voices not only menus but gameplay actions as well. To celebrate RAD’s release date on PS4, a launch trailer was made available.

In RAD, you must explore a wasteland full of mutants and the secrets of the civilization that made it possible for your town to survive this long. Thus, you’re not thrown into this mutant world alone though. You’re given a bat, yes, only a bat as a weapon. Although, besides that bat, your town bestows upon you the possibility to absorb the radiation fallen enemies leave behind to mutate your own body and transform it into a weapon! The world of RAD is procedurally generated, which means no run is the same as the last one. In addition, every time you die, you lose your mutations and progress, just like in every Roguelike. RAD is available for PS4 on the PlayStation Store now.

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