Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Burnt Horizon

First revealed during the Rainbow Six Siege 6 Invitational, the new Operation Burnt Horizon update for Year 4 will bolster the roster with two new Operators, Mozzie and Gridlock, as well as a new map named Outback for Season 1.

Boasting 3 armor, 1 speed, Gridlock is an attacker that comes packed with three Trax Stingers–throwable, expandable spike clusters that can both slow and damage enemies. Much like the existing razor wires that can be deployed to hinder movement, the Trax Stingers function similarly.

Grimlock’s addition adds another potentially potent anti-roaming Operator to the Rainbox Six Siege meta, and her F90 assault rifle or M249 LMG, and the Super Shorty sawn-off shotgun do not look too shabby either.

Mozzie is a 2 armor, 2 speed defender who can unleash three deployable Pest devices. These handy tools will automatically hack and take over any enemy drone that enters within their small radius.

Affected drones will then come under the command of the defending team, with only just a small blue light as an indicator that the drone is compromised. Like Grimlock, Mozzie can wield the Super Shorty, in addition to the AR9 assault rifle or the R10 Ronie machine pistol.

The new map, Outback, is an Australian-themed map for Rainbow Six Siege‘s latest expansion. Its operational area includes the restaurant, hotel, and fuel station, which form a tight arena that is ideal for close quarters combat.

All players will be getting the Outback map for free, whereas Gridlock and Mozzie can be either be unlocked with in-game Renown or by buying the Year 4 pass for Rainbow Six Siege.

New Changes For Year 4

Year 4 for Rainbow Six Siege will also be bringing some major changes to the popular first-person shooter.

The development team will be reorganized into different cells, each designed to tackle particular aspects of the player experience in Siege.

One of the big new upcoming features targeted at addressing the ongoing team-killing issue, with Season 1 of Year 4 implementing reverse friendly fire, where you get hurt from attacking your teammates.

Ranked play is also going to be taken out of beta, and the pick and ban game mode will become the main game type in this competitive playlist. A ranked hub, where players can get more details on what maps are in the current rotation pull, player performance stats, and other information on rewards for winning competitive matches for Rainbow Six Siege, is being added.

Lastly, a new playlist will be curated to help ease newcomers into the game. Designed for players level one to 50, the playlist will put them in games with other people of a similar skill level.

Rules will echo those used in ranked matches, giving newcomers a taste of what’s to come in high-level play for Siege. Casual matches are still possible, with action time being reduced to just three minutes and thirty seconds.

For the new year, each of the four seasons will be adding two new characters from different areas of the world into Rainbow Six Siege. Current Operators will also be discounted whether you are paying real money or using in-game currency.

Ubisoft also intends to add in a new Operator select screen in preparation for the arrival of new characters beyond the current roster.

Operators balancing will continue. Lion will be retooled to perform a role more akin to an intel operator, who can be vital at helping your team score kills by providing information.

As Glaz has been too overpowered in close quarters, so Ubisoft is making an adjustment so that his IR scope will be linked to movement, meaning a higher skill level is required to use him effectively. These updates will take effect in the first half of Year Four.

For Rainbow Six Siege‘s Gadgets, the deployable shield will now be easier to position and have small openings that allow vision for whoever is using it for cover, however, you will not be able to shoot through them.

Capitao’s fire grenade is also being tweaked to become a more effective area denial tool. Breach charges will see lesser impact during explosion, giving your enemies a larger safe zone from the blast.

Map reworks are also part of the deal for Year 4 of Rainbow Six Siege, as Kafe Dostoyevsky will be getting an expanded second floor with more space to work with, while the bottom floor staircase will be shifted to help reduce dead space. The Bakery bombsite has also been moved into the kitchen, which will be a welcome sight for defenders.

Kanal will undergo changes for Season 3, with a new route up top and a tunnel below. Choke points have also been widened to give players more space. Season 4 will then see changes made to Theme Park.

A release date for Rainbox Six Siege‘s Operation Burnt Horizon has not been announced, but look forward to it hitting test servers for PC soon before heading to the other platforms shortly after.

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