We absolutely adored Remedy Entertainment’s latest title, Control, and if you have been hesitant to jump in, both Amazon and Walmart are making it easier for you.

Control has been discounted on launch day, shaving off $10 off its selling price on PS4 and Xbox One.

Walmart is selling the PS4 version at $50.94 with free two-day shipping. Meanwhile, Amazon‘s PS4 version is $50.94 but is currently out of stock; however, you can still order the game at that price if you can wait just a bit longer for delivery. Like any other Amazon orders, you will not be charged until the item has shipped, and you will be notified by email with an estimated delivery date.

Remedy's Control is already $10 off for PS4

This move does not come as a surprise, considering the popularity of digital purchases now compared to physical. Retailers have to give consumers a better reason to buy from them, rather than ordering on a digital store front.

Our own Cristian Aguilar scored the game at a 9/10, where Remedy has created “such a magnificently delivered world that feels alive from the very beginning until the very end” and keep you “wanting more even after its conclusion.” If you have been a fan of Remedy, you will be glad to know that “Control is imbued with Remedy’s DNA and builds upon the studio’s previous games in the best ways possible.”

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