ps5 devkit

Back in October, we posted a story showcasing what was allegedly a real-life PS5 devkit. While that image provided us with an idea what the developers are tinkering with right now, the image wasn’t that clear. If you want another look at the PS5 devkit images, we have just the thing now!

Leaked online are two PS5 devkits sitting side by side! Same as the first leak, this shows a similar design, and one even has a DualShock 4 connected!

For those who aren’t digging the look, remember that devkits rarely — if ever — look like their retail counterparts. As you can see from the units pictured, there’s a lot of vents in the unit, and the plugs, icons and whatnot, are all haphazardly placed, which I doubt Sony would do for the final retail unit.

For more on the PS5, make sure to read our feature on the five exclusive games that could make the PS5 launch a success. Sony has also filed a cartridge patent for their next-gen console, which you can read about here.

Are you digging what the PS5 devkit looks like? Would you want the final product to look similar or not at all?


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