Resident Evil 2 invades Monster Hunter World in crossover - Claire Redfield

In a continuation of the crazy crossovers that have come to Monster Hunter World so far, Capcom has just revealed that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will soon have a crossover with Resident Evil 2.

With the likes of Devil May CryMega-ManStreet FighterThe WitcherFinal Fantasy, and Horizon Zero Dawn all making their way into Capcom’s monster hunting title, we are no longer surprised by the creativity of the studio.

Players will be able to don the costumes for both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, and likely look like time-travellers in the more ancient world of Monster Hunter World. Not like it will matter, of course, the game has always been outrageous and where the impossible routinely happens.

Claire is armed with a unique Long Sword, and Leon will use a special Heavy Bowgun, and both of them will likely have their own special characteristics and animations.

Resident Evil 2 invades Monster Hunter World in crossover - Leon Kennedy

What is even crazier is the new handler costume, that of a Tyrant. You can now have Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 remake prepare your meals and handle your quest log.

There will also be new zombie make-up, as well as a zombie dance animation, so you can channel your Thriller nights in Monster Hunter World.

Resident Evil 2 invades Monster Hunter World in crossover - Combat

This latest crossover will be coming in November 2019.

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