Capcom released a new fifteen-minute Resident Evil 2 gameplay demo showing off a famous franchise baddy. The iconic Licker enemy haunts Claire Redfield as she makes her way through a creepy morgue and garage. The more they show of this game the more excited I get. You can check out the full trailer below!

“While Resident Evil 2 does return to a third-person perspective, it still retains the intensity and the horror feel that Resident Evil 7 brought back to the franchise.” (full written preview)

We got our hands on the game back at E3 2018 and loved what we played. Don’t fret, this remake caters to all Resident Evil fans. You can watch our initial reaction of the Resident Evil 2 E3 unveiling below!

Do you plan on playing Resident Evil 2 this January, or will the creepy lickers keep you away? Be sure to leave all of your thoughts in the comments section below, or join the discussion over on our facebook page!

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Brett Medlock
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