Resident Evil 2 has finally been revealed! The game was confirmed to be in the work a few years ago and has been heavily rumored to be making an appearance at E3 2018. During Sony’s Press Conference, the game was finally revealed and is releasing very soon!

The reveal trailer starts off in the first-person perspective of a rat climbing around on storage shelves and a desk. A PlayStation 1 controller can be spotted on the desk surface as a person off camera shouts orders. As the rat makes its way around the area, a tussle ensues that knocks our little rodent down as a shelving unit crashes to the ground. The camera reveals a sheriff deputy being attacked by what appears to be a zombie, as it rips out his throat.

The back door booms open as a familiar character enters the scene, Leon S. Kennedy. He looks great in an updated Raccoon Police Department outfit. The trailer continues with scenes depicting a dark Raccoon City infested with zombies, and Leon converses with the compatriot that is found wounded in the original game when Leon enters the RPD for the first time. The rest of the classic cast is also revealed in short snippets.

Rounding out the cast is Sherry Birkin, Claire Redfield, Ada Wong, and the infamous Mr. X! Sherry looks much the same, but Claire has had quite the makeover with a red coat and no vest. Ada appeared in the shadows and seemed to be wearing a trench coat of sorts.

The best surprise of all is the release date of January 25, 2019. This continues Capcom’s trend of releasing their big titles in January with Resident Evil 7 biohazard in 2017 and Monster Hunter World in 2018. With the updated graphics and the over-the-shoulder point of view, Resident Evil 2 is looking to be a fantastic remake much akin to the original game’s remake quality in the past.

Are you excited to revisit this classic survival horror with reimagined graphics? The iconic setting looks amazing in the new game engine, and thankfully the wait is almost over! Check out the official E3 2018 reveal here:

Take a closer look at the gripping gameplay with this trailer:

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