Capcom has been returning to its strong form as the company was in the late 90s. January appears to be the company’s favorite spot to release games recently, as Resident Evil 7 and Monster Hunter World were both released in that month over the past two years, and Resident Evil 2 is set to continue that trend next year.

There is a big question now that we know the re-imagining of Resident Evil 2 is real and ready to be released very soon. What will happen with the franchise next? There have been different sections of the series in recent memory. Resident Evil Revelations was first released in early 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS. This appeared to be a response to fans being dissatisfied with the more action-oriented titles like 5. It was a great combination of over-the-shoulder gameplay with classic Resident Evil scares and ambiance.

Revelations has seen ports to modern consoles and received a sequel in 2015. This sequel was released in an episodic format and was received just as well as the first. Should Capcom return to this side-story part of the franchise? The main plot points of the spin-off series take place between major numbered releases (Revelations between 4 and 5, Revelations 2 between 5 and 6). Following Capcom’s history, it would mean Revelations 3 is due out before 8, but is that the best idea? Who would the characters portrayed be? Would Jake Muller or Sherry Birkin make a return from 6?

Resident Evil 7 proved to be a great installment in the series and sort of rebooted it at the same time. New characters, an unfamiliar setting, with cameos and references to past games all felt right at home. The new camera perspective increased the horror like never before, not to mention the Virtual Reality implementation on top of that. Will Capcom crank out 8 in a similar way? New characters to play as and interact with in ways we haven’t experienced before? Will the gameplay remain in first-person?

With the success of the first Resident Evil remake on Gamecube and the port to current generation consoles, fans have been asking for the same treatment of the other mainline titles from the PlayStation 1 era. We’re getting Resident Evil 2 in a new way and it looks simply fantastic by all accounts. Should Capcom capitalize on these nostalgia-fueled romps? Since Resident Evil 3 was basically a re-skinned version of 2 with a few added elements, I think the turn around on a remake would be pretty fast, as the original was.

While all three of these scenarios are definitely going to happen at some point in the future, which will Capcom tackle first? Fans want the classic Resident Evil feel, and it has been proven to be able to be conveyed in both first-person and over-the-shoulder techniques. Personally, I think Capcom should proceed further down the line before remaking Resident Evil 3. The seventh mainline installment was amazing and felt like Resident Evil born anew. I’d like to see where Capcom takes the franchise next in that direction. Though I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea of seeing what Jake Muller has been up to in Revelations 3 either.

Vincent Bystry
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    1. Hopefully remaking the Outbreak games and giving gamers the real online RE masterpiece which Outbreak games where.

    2. RE7 was weird. I don’t know if you can say RE6 “tanked” when RE7 sold half as much copies. Personally I found it a very good horror game, but there was nothing revolutionary about it (not like RE4). It did nothing that Amnesia, FEAR, and Outlast didn’t already do. Was it a good horror game? Yes, but could you say it was better than any of the games I mentioned above? What made it stick out? Nothing. 1st person made it a AAA+ version of most Steam horror titles. Was it a good RE game? I don’t know. That said, I’m very glad they went this route for RE2.

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