Beat Games has announced that a new music pack will be coming to the popular Beat Saber, and it features everyone’s favorite rocket-car-soccer hybrid, Rocket League. The new music pack, Rocket League x Monstercat, will include six songs from the sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.

The six new songs will bring players to a Rocket League-inspired arena and also changes the usual colours of your lightsabers into the bright orange and blue, the default colors of Rocket League‘s teams. The pack includes Tokyo Machine’s “Play” and “Rock It,” Stephen Walking’s “Glide,” Slushii’ “Luv U Need U,” Dion Timmer’ “Shiawase,” and Slushii and Dion Timmer’s collaboration: “Test Me.”

The new music pack is available for purchase right now.

Psyonix also celebrated the crossover with a blog post, showing their excitement for this new partnership by adding more content for players as well.

The sounds of Rocket League are best when they’re blasting in a soccar arena. That’s why a Champions Field-inspired Map has come to Beat Saber! Slash your way through beats in this brand new, custom made Rocket League-inspired environment!

Rocket League has cued up two new customization items (a Topper and Boost) featuring the beat blocks from Beat Saber. Just log into Rocket League now to get them as a celebration for our sick beats being part of the VR smash hit!

In more Rocket League news, Psyonix is ditching Loot Crates for Blueprints, and the new system will give players more transparency when it comes to microtransactions, and has been a move lauded by many.

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