The world surely is an interesting place —but the game world is even more so.

The wildly popular studio Mojang — creators of the even more popular game Minecraft — is now being (rumored) reported to be in the process of being purchased by Microsoft for an estimated $2 billion; a very hefty price tag indeed. While this has yet to be confirmed by either parties, The Wall Street Journal has reported that the deal is “near” to being completed. If this ends up happening, there’s certainly no telling what’s going to happen to Minecraft. The game has already found its way onto numerous devices, including Sony’s own PS3 and PS4 systems, with a VITA version reportedly in the works. If this deal goes through — could Minecraft very well become exclusive to Microsoft devices? It’s a troubling matter, considering that thousands of players actively use the game through several devices.

Certainly, if this does happen — the end result will still be a mystery. Even so, this certainly shows that Microsoft is doing all it can to regain some control over it’s unfavorable position in the infamous ‘console-race’.



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