Samurai Shodown DLC latest addition is Basara the Executioner - 2

The return of the classic Samurai Shodown this generation has opened the game to a wider audience, and more content is coming for players this October 15, as Basara the Executioner will join the roster as a DLC fighter.

First appearing back in Samurai Shodown III, he is the series’ equivalent of a madman who really enjoys dicing up his foes. He brings not just madness to the table, but also his unique fighting style with a three-pronged shuriken chained to his arm. Basara is able to dish out the punishment both up close as well as from afar, giving players more flexibility in zoning or punishing their opponents.

Samurai Shodown DLC latest addition is Basara the Executioner - 1

He can also use shadows to teleport around the stage, which is great mobility for anyone who knows how to take advantage of that. Plus, his attacks are just brutal and enjoyable.

Basara arrives on October 15 as part of Samurai Shodown‘s Season 1 DLC, which has already seen the likes of Rimururu and Shizumaru Hisame added to the base roster. Kazuki Kazama and Wan-Fu will arrive in November and December respectively.

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