Destiny 2 continues to roll along just fine as a game as a service, and with the Season of Opulence set to begin on June 4, there are some significant additions other than a new raid and a new six-player activity. Just like all content added in the Year Two annual pass, guardians can expect more loot to hunt down and even more secrets to uncover.

Season of Opulence buffs up Destiny 2 (7)

In a Bungie blog post, the developers shared more details about the Season of Opulence, including the workings of the Menagerie, the new six-player activity at the core of this season. The outstanding point of the Menagerie is the new Chalice of Opulence, a special item that players will use to determine what kind of gear drops upon completion of the activity.

Playing through the Menagerie will help players earn runes, which can then be slotted into the Chalice, and they will affect what drops, and crucially, the stats as well.

Season of Opulence buffs up Destiny 2 (1)

Of course, no one knows what is the best combination of runes, and it will take some experimentation from the community before the results are all figured out. Especially considering that there are specific versions of the new Opulence weapon set to chase down, and what boosts are unlocked when they are turned into Masterworks.

Season of Opulence buffs up Destiny 2 (2)

This is a big change, being able to push for a certain boost, as the bonus and base stats are usually randomised and require players to farm continuously for the rolls they want.

The Chalice itself can also be upgraded, which will grant you even more control over what gear is obtained and what runes you will get from the Menagerie in the Season of Opulence. And it will not be an easy task, that is for sure.

Bungie also shared more about the new Pinnacle weapons that will be added in Season of Opulence. Hard-hitting and specially designed, these weapons are only rewarded to those who complete some tough tasks in specific activities, like in the Crucible, Vanguard Strikes, or Gambit.

Season of Opulence buffs up Destiny 2 (4)

Dominate in the Crucible with 3,500 points in the Glory playlist and the sniper rifle Revoker will be yours. Every shot missed will return to your magazine after a short delay, which will encourage players to fire more often. The Wendigo-GL3 grenade launcher is a reward for the Vanguard Pinnacle, a weapon that gets buffed when you pick up Orbs of Light, and grant more damage and a larger blast radius.

Season of Opulence buffs up Destiny 2 (3)

Gambit pros can look forward to the combat bow Hush, a weapon that rewards shooting from the hip, granting increased draw time after landing precision kills with hip fire.

Season of Opulence buffs up Destiny 2 (5)

Fusion Rifles are getting amped up with more damage to AI enemies, while Swords are being buffed with increased damage and ammo rebalancing.

The Season of Opulence will also start the countdown to the “next chapter” forĀ Destiny 2. On Thursday, June 6, Bungie will share more about the next developments for the game, and it will be the first major content drop since their split with publishing partner, Activision.

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